Would you like to have your name on a feather of the "Dove of Life?"

The 'Dove of Life' was created  in 2011 to raise funds for the Western High School Library, which in the future will be known as the Western High School Media Center.
The beautiful Dove  adorns the school's Main Lobby for all to admire.
It contains 300 feathers in four colors:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Red.
Feathers can be purchased by anyone - alumnae, staff, parents, community members, etc.
and can be in memoriam or in recognition of someone, honor a family's legacy,  or simply state the name and class of an alumna.
Recent proceeds from the Dove of Life Initiative were used to purchase a 50" television and stand, along with 60+ books for the library.

Feather pricing:  Bronze $125.00, Silver $250.00, Gold $500.00 and Red $1,000.00


 Payment options: PayPal (via the WHSAAINC store) or check/money order made payable to WHSAA, Inc.

Submit check/money order to:

ATTN:  Dove of Life
P.O. Box 65296
Baltimore, MD 21206

Inscription:  Each feather can hold up to four lines with 24 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, spaces) on each line.
To add an inscription, send the information (along with your check/money order payment) to Aimee Ayers at advisory.ayers@whsaainc.org.

For additional information, contact Aimee Ayers at advisory.ayers@whsaainc.org.