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We know just what you are going to say..."You did not know we existed" and "You never received any communications from us". Well, we are working harder to change those comments. And guess what? We need you to help us to get the word out. They say the best way is by "word of mouth". So, now that you know we are here on the Web, scream and shout it out to every Westernite you meet. At the grocery store, gas station, baby nursery, hair salon, and even at the barber shop. You will be surprised the men who married Western Women....from City and Poly.
Do you know who your officers are on the Executive Board keeping the Association alive and well? How do you know? We sure hope it is because you are an active member and have been around for a number of years to say you contributed much. And if you can't say that, then we hope you are ready to do something about it, because we need YOU!

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