Do You Remember ?....


School Colors

Red & Black

School Mascot

The Dove

Symbolizing the Western lady, the dove stands above the crowd

by being dignified, unique, poised, and beautiful.


School Motto

Lucem accepimus, lucem demus.
(We have received light, let us give forth light.)

Loyalty Song

Let our voices blend together
In the praise of Western High;
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior,
Our spirit will not die.
Your traditions of truth and honor,
Of loyalty and right,
Are the ideals you have given
To each Westernite
Western’s faculty and students
Pledged to work in harmony,
To make us worthy leaders
Of our community.
Her achievements have been proven
By her colors flying high.
The red and black waves proudly
O’er Western High

To you, Western High School
We pledge our faith and loyalty,
To serve your name in love and honor
And to follow your standards faithfully,
For e’er we’ll remember your motto so true;
We’ve received light, let us give light-
A lesson well learned from you.


Dear Western

Written in 1913
Dear Western, we greet thee with songs of thy praise
And with hopes that unchanged may be,
That forever in safety each ship thou wilt guide
O’er the tempest of destiny’s sea,
May thy colors for aye wave proudly on high,
May thy name e’er be linked unto fame;
For we’ve loved thee, now love thee, and ever shall love
And ever shall honor they name.


Class colors

Maroon & Gold
Blue & Gold
Purple & Gold
Black & Gold

Other Memories

Junior Prom being held in the Western Ballroom (cafeteria):
Wearing white gown for graduation