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Greetings Western Sisters and Friends

Greetings Western Sisters and Friends The 2012-2013 fiscal year has begun for Western High School Alumnae Association (WHSAA, Inc). With the new year came new ideas, new people, and new goals to be achieved. During Unity Day 2012, I challenged the ALUMNAE of Western High School to give back to our alma mater by completing 2013 hours of community service within the school.

This goal will be achieved by June 2013, without a doubt, not only because it is a part of the mission of WHSAA, Inc. to provide human resources in support of Western, but because the alumnae of the country’s oldest all-female school LOVE Western High School! Read more


Please be aware that the WHSAA Executive Board and Committee Chairs are all volunteers and we need your support in several vital ways:

We need you to volunteer and help us do our work. We all have full-time jobs too and we are a very small team with great challenges. We can’t do everything by ourselves.

Donate to the cause of keeping Western alive. We need your time and your money. Whether we are on high alert or not, there is always a threat that Western may close. Don’t wait to offer your support the day after.

Pass the word about the Alumnae Association onto your classmates or any other Westernite you know. We are indeed everywhere. We do not have this long list of thousands of Westernites so we definitely need your help. Assume every Westernite you know/meet does not know about the WHSAA.

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