Letter From the Advisory Board

Dear Western Doves,
Thank you for your continued support and interest in the Western High School Alumnae Association (WHSAA, Inc.) and Western High School. March was a spectacular month where we celebrated Unity Day and sponsored an elegant 170th Anniversary Gala: A Masquerade Extravaganza.

Over the past few weeks emails have been sent to select Western High School graduates that questioned the activities of the Western High School Alumnae Association and Advisory Board.

WHSAA, Inc. has never been in danger of losing its non-profit status. We are not in violation of our Bylaws; nevertheless, we are more than willing to share that the election process established in the Bylaws is in question. The Bylaws indicate the following must be met to run for office:

  • The candidate must be current on Association dues for at least the past two years;
  • The candidate must be a financial member and an active participant in the Association for at least
    the past year; an active participant has served on at least one committee for the past two years.
  • The candidate must be able to attend regularly scheduled governing board meetings held
    at the Association’s primary headquarters office in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • The candidate may not be (1) an employee of Western High School, (2) a member of a
    governing and/or policy-making entity of any other organization affiliated with Western
    High School, or (3) a member of the Board of School Commissioners, Baltimore City.

The Advisory Board (which is the governing component of the organization) is working diligently to address these issues in consultation with Maryland Nonprofits. Please note that prior to the accusations being played out on social media, the Advisory Board had not received any mail correspondence, emails and /or phone calls about the dissatisfaction of the current administration (Executive Board and Committee Chairs) and how the business of the organization functioned.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to send your signed PDF email correspondence to Advisoryboard@whsaainc-changedbysupport.org or a letter to the following:

Attention: Advisory Board
P.O. Box 65296
Baltimore, MD 21209

We are very excited to hear from Western graduates and strongly encourage each of you to take an active interest in our alumnae association and alma mater. We hope that you can attend the June 2015 general meeting.

Thank you for your time, support and most of all your desire to make sure that Western High School and Western High School Alumnae Association, Inc. remains ONLY THE BEST!

Western High School Alumnae Association Advisory Board,
Valerie Bourne, ‘66,
Donnice E. Brown, ‘87,
Juernene Bass, ‘75,
Latarsha S. Bryant, ‘96,

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