The History of the Western High School Alumnae Association

The Western High School Alumnae Association was organized in 1899. Henrietta Szold was the first president. The first meeting was held January 18, 1900 and the first annual meeting was held May 7, 1900. From 1899-1930 its presidents were: Henrietta Szold, Agnes Jordan Stewart, Imogene George, Elinor Knell Moore, Elizabeth A. Smith, Margaret Jeager, Maizie Knipp Bett, Margaret Jeager Leher, Paula M. Schnieder Schuler, Bessie E. Kelibacker, Margaret Waters Muse, Lucille Tingle Mason, Evelyn Earp Parlett, Miriam Warfield Shaw and Polly Wright Young.

The WHSAA Mission

The primary mission of the Association is to acquire and provide material and human resources in support of Western High school, to foster and preserve the high academic, social, economic, and professional standards associated with the school since its inception in 1844. “Let us give light”

WHSAA Goals and Objectives Remain the Same

The goals and objectives of this Association were to improve school equipment. One of the special projects was the school library. Four hundred books were collected to start this library in 1900. The Association paid the librarian’s salary and continued to improve the quality and quantity of library donations.
In addition to overseeing the library, the annual contributions were made to the school magazine, school campus committee and the school cooperative bureau. Gifts presented to Western High School included a school portable radio, motion picture machine with pictures, and photography records for departmental equipment.
The first Association actively reigned for 45 years; however Western did not have an active alumnae association from 1945-1986. The goals and objectives of the current Association are very much like those of the first Association.
The idea of reactivating an Association for Western was born during the time of Western’s 140th anniversary. A steering committee was formed and the Association was incorporated in June 1986. The incorporates were Stephanie Pullen Brown-’66, Ellean Bliss Mays-’51, Jacqueline Brown Frierson-’67 and Cyndy Renoff-’66.